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Since 1984, the French company VETIGRAPH, has been developing CAD/CAM solutions for all industries requiring cutting flexible materials including apparel, automobile, aerospace, furniture, technical textiles etc. With our knowledge, our experience in CAD/CAM and industrial process, our solutions are the result of 35 years of presence in contact with our customers to bring them the answers they expect. Our R&D office is constantly developing new hardware and software solutions for your business so that you can always be more efficient.


Here is a non-exhaustive list of flexible materials that can be cut with our machines:

  • Clothing and Fashion Textile
  • Protective textiles
  • Insulating material
  • Leather
  • Leatherette
  • PVC
  • Rugs and carpets
  • Foam
  • Elastomers
  • Coated fabrics, tarpaulins, etc.
  • Rubber
  • Cardboard
  • Glass fibers
  • Carbon fiber
  • Honeycomb
  • Hardboard


VETIGRAPH was born in 1984, in order fulfill the needs of clothing textile companies for pattern making, grading and material optimization.

Very early in its development (since 1992), the company migrates all of its applications to Microsoft Windows, making VETIGRAPH one of the first CAD systems, dedicated to clothing, to operate under this operating system. VETIGRAPH is now compatible with all Microsoft Windows OS from Windows NT to Windows 10.

The initial goal of the company was the realization of a Computer Aided Design (CAD) system simple to implement, at a price accessible to all companies.

This goal is largely achieved to the point that our teams are today solicited by customers ranging from the design office of 3 employees to the manufacturer grouping several subcontracting sites on five continents, wishing to conduct an interactive management of its production.

Our product line has evolved accordingly. Our GRAPHCAD® solutions have been developed in close collaboration with professionals in the technical textile trades. The manufacturers of fiberglass, carbon fiber, but also of the tarpaulin, pool, insulation materials are now users of our optimization tools and cutting machines.

The products of the company are marketed internationally – Europe, USA, Tunisia, Morocco, Turkey, Brazil, China, Caribbean – through a network of subsidiaries or authorized distributors.

Our Goals

“More than ever, our main goal is to make the CAD / CAM tool even more user-friendly and functional while allowing our customers to benefit from virtually non-existent operating costs”.

Given this observation and with our years of experience, we are always listening to our customers to identify their needs very clearly.

A CAD tool is strategic within an organization. It brings:

  • Control and cost reduction in the sampling phases
  • Collections real time update
  • Quick production start
  • Constant improvement of the production organization
  • Improved cutting quality
  • Savings on materials
  • Exchange of information with production sites abroad

A Worldwide Presence

Our distributors and subsidiaries network is expanding globally to meet each client’s expectations. Our teams are at the disposal of each user with the goal of optimal and uninterrupted use of its CAD/CAM solution.


VETIGRAPH 8 Rue de Nice 75 011 PARIS

Phone number: (+33) 01 42 78 65 89

Email adress: [email protected]


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Website: fashiondigitalsolutions.co.uk


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Website: areatt.webstarts.com


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Website: easinternacional.pt


Phone: (+216) 73 442187 Email adress: [email protected]

For other countries, contact the office in the United Kingdom or the Head Office in France at [email protected]