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VETIGRAPH offers easy-to-use solutions that are compatible with all CAD file formats on the market.

The objective of the Vetigraph Expert 3D solution is to replace the first sample or prototypes with a virtual simulation.

To have a vision of the good behavior of a garment in a short time becomes possible. Thanks to a symbiosis between Vetigraph3D and VetiExpert, you can create your patronage with its gradations and sew it on a 3D avatar.

The alliance of 2D and 3D allows:

  • Better collection time management

  • A decrease in losses (consumables, raw materials)

  • A real commercial asset in the presentation of prototypes still in the project stage.

Download the VetiGraph 3D CAD BROCHURE

Some functionalities of Vetigraph3D®:

  • Rich database available
  • Creation of textures and their attributes
  • Easy use and integration of the collection components
  • Avatar customization and management
  • Line sheet of prototypes with different fabrics
  • Export results on moving or standing avatar