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The GRAPHCAD®Expert LEATHER CAD solution, combined with the GRAPHGUT® MONO cutting automat, has been specially developed for the leather goods, footwear, upholstery, upholstery and all leather sectors. This system increases productivity and saves money on leather consumption.

It also offers optimum cutting quality and excellent precision. More suited to new production structures and the increasingly demanding market, where reactivity and flexibility are required, this solution is an innovative alternative. To the manual cutting and punching process.

The advantages of the GRAPHCAD®Expert solution and the GRAPHCUT® cutting automaton for leather:

  • A flexible solution allowing the production of small prints without additional costs;
  • A gain of material thanks to the optimization of the placement and the support of the zones of quality;
  • Better productivity does not necessarily require specialized labor;
  • An overall reduction of the production process;
  • Perfect cutting precision